Anhui BBCA International Trading Co.,Ltd.

BBCA International Trade Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of BBCA Group. It is one of the most important international trading companies of the group as well as one of the largest trading companies in Anhui. The company has earned high honors such as becoming a People's Republic of China customs class AA enterprise and an Anhui top import and Export enterprise.

BBCA International Trade is the leading trading company as its export business benefits from the good reputation of its products under the BBCA brand, especially organic acid series products, feed additives and feed ingredients. Its main exports are organic acid, lysine, tryptophane, threonine, vitamin products and starch sugar.

Its leading import business focuses on agricultural products and natural products. The company specializes in importing foods, feed additives, feed ingredients and chemical products. Its main imports are milk powder, cassava starch, fish meal, soybean, paper pulp, petroleum chemicals, plastic particle, and borax.

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